My name is Kim Cefa.
I have collected hockeycards of Brett Hull for the past 20 years and have managed to create quite the collection.
Here you can see my wantlist and checklist, with scans of all the cards I have.

I've gotten several nice comments for the design of the site for the past two years. And it's not fair of me to take credit for it since it was my wife who created it. Earlier I had a much simplier checklist and I really wanted to update it so I convinsed my wife who is the much better programmed of us to help me. And as you can see, the result was fantastic. She still makes adjustments when I get some new ideas, even if she isn't very happy about it all the time.

We have also created a minor section for our two beloved cats on the site. There I have posted some nice and cute pictures of them.
And for the time being we are in the midst of building a house and have made a section of the blog for this. This part is in swedish only because it feels that only our friends and family will have any joy in reading it.
There is also many words assosiated to buiding a house that would make it difficult for me to include them in the posts if I would write it in english.

And last but not least I want to tell you that I'm a big movie collector. I have several hundred DVD's and Blu-rays and sometime in the future I will make a checklist of my movies aswell. But as of yet I havn't had the time.
And assosiated with that I will also devote a section of the site for my upcoming cinema room. Many of the plans for this room is done, the only thing I need now is the house to be finished and a couple of years to save up the money to build it. But when the time comes, you will hear and see all about it here.

Thank you for you'r visit and welcome back!
//Kim Cefa

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